The DeWalt DWP849X is a polisher with variable speed and has a long life capacity and durability because of its construction which is known to have ball-bearing feature. This product entails an efficient tasks completion and the end results will surely come as desired by the user because DeWalt DWP849X Polisher has the ultimate capacity of on working on several applications with different type of materials in a most efficient and satisfying outcome. The DeWalt Polisher is designed to restore and preserved auto paint with desired control and speed that brings comfort and convenience upon use.

Who Could Buy/Benefit From This Product?

The DeWalt DWP849X Polisher is highly recommended for car and boat owners for this product fits polishing ad maintaining their vehicles. Home and shop owners can also buy this product because it is a helpful tool that performs better polishing tasks. This tool can perform specific tasks at home and even on shops. In general, metal fabricators, paint technicians, auto detailers and finishers can also buy the product.

Product Description

The DeWalt DWP849X  is a polisher with ball-bearing motor that is well constructed to enable the product to function over a long hours of work with durability and efficiency. Specified speed is being maintained because of the product’s electronic control system. Maximum speed of 0-600/3500 rpm can be set by the user through the use of speed dial that enables the product to function smoothly on several desired application on different compatible materials. DeWalt DWP849X Polisher possess features such as speed triggers, gears, brush caps, lock button, Ingestion Shield, rubber case cover for the gears, polisher  backing pads (hook and loop) for the product’s overall performance, protection and easy functioning.

DeWalt DWP849X Polisher Features and Specifications

  • DeWalt DWP849X has a maintained specified speed through its electronic module that delivers satisfying working results
  • DeWalt Polisher is a powerful tool(12.0 Amp0  with long lasting performance
  • The product has speed dial that allows the user to set desired speed from zero to 600/3500 rpm
  • DeWalt Polisher can perform polishing  on several materials that requires tough applications in soft start
  • Wool ingestion is being eliminated through the DeWalt Polisher’s Ingestion Shields for product preservation and protection
  • The DeWalt Polisher has a case cover that eliminates surface imperfections thus creating an improved surface
  • The DeWalt DWP849X has an over-all dimensions that measures 22.20 inches in length, 9 inches in width 4.50 inches in height.
  • The DeWalt Polisher weights about 8 pounds.
  • Corded electric is said to be the source of power of DeWalt DWP849x
  • DeWalt Polisher is definitely heat-treated and has steel gears for smooth and convenient product performance
  • Warranty package is included with a 90 day guaranteed money back, service contract for one year  that is absolutely free and limited warranty for 3 years
  • The product adapts a finishing system with smooth and soft start

DeWalt DWP849X


  • The DeWalt Polisher is smooth-running and performs great polishing job
  • The product offers a variable speed that can be adjust as desired
  • The DeWalt Polisher is an easy to handle tool
  • Shipping the product to designated location is made possible for interested product buyer
  • The DeWalt covers a warranty and free service for 1 to 3 years
  • Easy accessory changes can be done using this DeWalt Polisher
  • The DeWalt Polisher positively contributes durability and efficiency to customers
  • The product can do smooth and accurate applications
  • DeWalt can eliminate imperfections on surfaces
  • DeWalt DWP849X Polisher makes treated surfaces to look brand new
  • The tool has a heavy duty feature because it functions continuously


  • DeWalt Polisher’ lock may malfunction that may affect the tool’s stability
  • The DeWalt Polisher may sometimes malfunction but these depends on customers way of handling the tool
  • Users of DeWalt Polisher may find some difficulties with the tool’s set up and start-ups
  • Pressing the trigger may sometime seems to be temperamental
  • The DeWalt Polisher requires extra money to purchase it because the product may seem to be expensive for some but this again depends on the customers’ ability and capacity to pay
  • There are parts of the tool that gets hot that may threaten the safety of the user but this is quite manageable by observing proper procedures of using the DeWalt Polisher

Customer Reviews and Scores

DeWalt DWP849X Polisher review includes factual and positive feedbacks from the customers who have tried and benefited from the said product. Majority of the customers said that over-all function and efficiency of the product is perfectly suitable to complete polishing tasks conveniently. Out of 23 customer reviews, 18 of them gave 5 stars for the product, 2 gave 4 stars, and the last three customers gave I star for the product. Overall, the product gained effective reviews and majority of the customers are satisfied with the product’s function. Click here to read more customer reviews…


The DeWalt DWP849X Polisher is a highly recommended tool for polishing and other related tasks. It is created for the benefit of achieving reliable, efficient and most improved working results. Its over-all performance is one plus factor that keeps the product of greater value in terms of functionality.

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